Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mark Sanford Has Been Missing

Governor Mark Sanford has been missing (so to speak) from the state capitol since last Thursday. Sanford lost a public battle against President Obama's stimulus plan a few weeks ago in which he refused to take several million in federal dollars for South Carolina schools. He was against future requirements that accepting the federal money would bring.

Mr. Sanford's absence follows a bruising battle with Obama administration officials and with Mr. Sanford's opponents in the state over $700 million in federal stimulus funds he refused to accept, despite rising unemployment and steep funding shortages in South Carolina. Mr. Sanford argued that taking the money would be bad fiscal policy, and said he would refuse to apply for the cash unless the state used an equal amount to pay down its debt.

Mrs. Sanford told the Associated Press Monday that she hadn't heard from her husband, but that "he was writing something and wanted some space to get away from the kids." She told the AP she hadn't heard from him over the weekend. She didn't return messages left Monday at the family's Sullivan's Island beach house, where she and their children were staying.

When asked how the governor could work on projects while hiking, Mr. Sawyer said, "My assumption is that he's either got a laptop or a pen and paper."

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