Thursday, September 11, 2008

Religious Right Group Urges Boycott of Playboy's 'Girls Next Door'

The Florida Family Association is making noise with a campaign against the E! Channel reality series "The Girl Next Door," which follows the exploits of Hugh Hefner's Playboy bunny paramours. FFA founder David Caton claims his group has successfully pressured 325 companies into pulling their advertising from the cable TV show.

"For all practical purposes, Playboy's 'The Girls Next Door,' which airs on the E! Channel, is nothing more than an infomercial designed to promote Playboy Enterprises' various products: their magazines, Internet service, and videos," Caton told the religious right-wing website OneNewsNow. "Most mainstream companies do not appear on there anymore – with the exception of just a small number, and Arby's seems to be one that has hung in there since 2005."

The FFA has launched a new campaign on its website enabling users to send emails to "about 20 corporate contacts" asking Arby's to drop its advertising. [SOURCE]

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