Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to Get Credit from Entrecard.

its easy way :

1. For 2000 credit

- Delivering Your article idea
Please deliver simple description of article idea to If agreed, You can get information of your account to writing on Entrecard blog.

- Delivering Your article for review
After You finish to write article, delivering your article to get review from Entrecard team, than clicking " Submit for Review " button in dashboard on Entrecard’s blog.

- Entrecard will give 2000 credit to you
If your article is good, your article will presented on Entrecard blog and you get 2000 Entrecard credit.

2. For 50Credit

- subscribe to RSS Entrecard blog to your email. You will get 50 credit for only one Entrecard account.
Please Click Here, if you get it.

To Join Entrecard, you can sign up this here

And download free e-book this here

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