Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Hottest Costumes Of Halloween 2008

Costume Spotlight:
We have an amazing selection of licensed costumes from Disney, Marvel, Universal and many more. If your customers aren't sure what to be this year, help them and their kids with tons of ideas that they'll go for! Here are a few sure things to get them clicking:

  • Iron Man: Unstoppable! After this summer's blockbuster, there's hardly a boy out there who doesn't want to be this high-flying hero.

  • Indiana Jones: Kids and adults alike will be thrilled to don the signature fedora and the dashing persona brought to life in the hit movies.

  • Sharpay: What girl doesn't want to sparkle like this High School Musical teen princess at the big Halloween party?

  • Hannah Montana: What would Hannah wear? We have the outfit, plus deluxe accessories like the obligatory wig and microphone.

  • Kung Fu Panda: Parents will love dressing their toddlers and babies as the cuddly animated bear.

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