Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mandy Moore

Moore, who is pointed to serve as a spokesperson for the project, explained " is specifically designed to help women truly better themselves, as opposed to just learning how to dress better or lose more weight. It's a place where women can visit when they need some 'me time' - and not feel guilty about it. Women will feel celebrated and rewarded, and I'm honored to be part of this endeavor."

Is specifically designed for women through which they may improve their day-to-day lives, offers tips and encouragement in four wellness categories which are Connect, Express, Inspire and Explore, with a specific expert overseeing each section.

In addition, the site also enables women to get tips on making savvy wardrobe choices from fashion expert Bobbie Thomas, knowledge on planning get-together and outings from social expert Erika Lenkert, ideas on staying fit and balanced from celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, and suggestions on exploring the world and trying new things from journalist Cynne Simpson. - the ‘Must Join’ Social Networking Web Site for Women

"Crystal Light is thrilled to partner with Mandy Moore and our Wellness Experts to help women achieve their wellness goals," said Carolina Yepes, Crystal Light Senior Brand Manager. "Through conversations with consumers, we identified this pursuit as an emerging need, so Crystal Light created to help guide women on their wellness journey."

Moore welcomes women to with a video message, encouraging
them to visit the different Wellness areas. Once there, they can choose
from one of the recommended challenges or create their own. Along the way,
the Wellness Experts persuade the women to be daring and creative and - if
they wish - to invite friends to share their challenges.

— In the Connect area, Wellness Expert Lenkert encourages women to make time for family, friends and community. She recommends starting a new tradition, throwing a family get-together or meeting five new people.

— Thomas suggests women look for unexpected ways to express their creativity and style in the Express area. Hosting personal fitting sessions, complete with music and dancing is one of her ideas.

— Ingber instructs women who visit the Inspire area to tune out distractions and focus on self to achieve balance. Her favorite way to reflect is through a meditation circle with friends and she
encourages the community to give it a try.

— And in the Explore area, Simpson asks women to try something new, whether it is travel destinations, professional challenges or hobbies. Potential challenges range from becoming a tourist in their own neighborhoods to dabbling in a new language.

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