Monday, February 18, 2008


BigMoneyPro360 Will Become The Biggest Network Of WorldWide Paying Affiliates That Ever Existed In One Place.

  • Everybody Makes Money and Everybody Gets Paid with BigMoneyPro360! Whether you are new to the internet and home based business or an experienced pro, theres so much money to be made with us its not funny!
  • And it's as easy as one - two - three!

More on Bigmoneypro 360
  • For about an hour a week more or less just staying in touch with us and helping us find you just a couple members your business can jump and grow with our narrow company forced viral matrix to infinity growth and beyond ... and huge downlines are happening real quickly!
  • That means MONEY for you and yours, cash you can use in any way you like, and the vehicle that got you started was a company that cost you less than a cup of coffee to get started!
  • You've finally found the right place to build the online business you have always dreamed of! We'll help you establish a solid internet income like we have already done for hundreds of our members.
  • BigMoneyPro360 has researched hundreds of online companies to bring you the very best of the best. And with our companies, you can spend just a couple hours a week managing your business, because we do all the rest for you!
  • By Upgrading Now You're Immediately Positioned In the Next Highest Spot Of Our Generous Big Money Pro 360 Powerline that feeds up to 10 different companies at a time! Everybody who comes in after you is under you .. forever! AND YOU CAN START WITH JUST A FEW BUCKS!
  • The companies are all OPTIONAL, but our goal is to get you into as many solid income streams as you can afford ... but we suggest you never use your bread and potatoes money .. just use money you can afford to spend in a home based business ... that's guaranteed to grow or your money back!

BMP360 Product Is .. You!

BigMoneyPro has always been about you and your money! You see all the deals on the net promising non stop millions and no effort pay ... We offer that too of course but in a much more realistic venue ... We also reward members who refer others because without you we have nothing! Nobody can promise "instand millions" to anybody and really mean it ... The story really goes like this:

Whoever Dies With The Most Money Wins! Positive Income Streams Rock!

We are a proven successful group of team builders who make money for our members every day ... first and foremost! And with BigMoneyPro360 our main focus and objective is to get you into and stay in profit in one - three - five - seven - up to ten streams of income that never stop growing! How many income streams do you want? And you can get started with BMP360's viral matrix and add others now or later .. nobody is left out, everybody gets paid!

Products That Think!

We give you access to tons of free leads. We have a least list that is always kept fresh of cleaned opt in email addresses that our members have access to and they include all verification that keeps your email delivery clean!

As the most imortant part of any tell a friend campaign (you get use of free tell a friend in our members area once you upgrade) we know many of you will want to get a jump on your income stream(s) and show your BMP360 Web Site to the entire world! And why not? We are worldwide! And making money is universal!

So first and foremost you get access to all the email addresses and records you will ever need that are all cleaned and completely opt in email friendly so if you choose to you can begin building a tremendous list to share our fantastic opportunity wtih! We have a process for our members being finalized that will give all members who want to up to 100 free opt in leads a week to enter in your tell-a-friend section of our members area! This alone is worth the cost of the system in its entirety! But we don't stop there ... If you want to capitalize on a 20 minutes a day part time gig that can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams over time ... keep on reading!

How Do I Send All That Email?

We have leased a complete farm of servers to send your email and invitations! BMPMAIL will do almost all the work for you .. and your mail account is free! You can build a clean list of up to 25,000 and we also give you up to 3 campaigns to follow up your leads!

Leads and lead generation leads to conversion, this is the life blood of ANY BUSINESS! Think about it .. you can't buy a burger at McDonalds without first knowing McDonald's is there!

You won't go unless its burned in your brain that McDonalds makes the kind of burger you crave! So you hear the burger "call you" ... and you go get it! It's says EAT ME I AM HERE! With email and building a list of prospective customers it's the exact same thing! But instead of burgers, you are actually SELLING MONEY! You can use Tell A Friend For Our Prime Leads (no cost to all upgraded members) AND FOR BULK VERIFIED LEADS YOU GET A FREE MAIL ACCOUNT IN BMPMAIL ... on a server that flies like lightning! (100k emails an hour and more!)

BigMoneyPro360 will generate millions in sales and commissions with our live call center staff handling inquiries and follow ups!Our call center will bring in over 100 paid members on a good day. That's over 2,500 newly upgraded members a month not including weekends! And these people will all go into our BMP360 Viral Matrix as well as many will go into our companies! (We don't ALWAYS get 100 a day, but most days we average over 50 upgrades more or less .... add it up ... in our $100,000 everybody gets paid no enrolling required profit pools? Come on, it doesn't get any easier than this!!!

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